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The debut album from Conduct, ‘Borderlands’, (nominated for ‘Best Album’ in DJ Mag’s annual awards.
Organic clashes with electronic in a whirlpool of tribal head banging, fragile introspection and beautiful sonic architecture.

Striving to show the world what can be achieved at 170 beats per minute, Conduct’s palette is a dramatic juxtaposition between electronic and acoustic instrumentation, with a cinematic approach to composition influenced by the likes of Hans Zimmer and Jesper Kyd. While it’s common for drum & bass producers to concentrate on dance-floor impact, Conduct‘s primary focus is the evocation of an emotional response in the listener, creating a body of work that lasts far beyond the club.


A) Divergence
B) Silkworm
C1) Faux
C2) Archaic
D1) Piano Tune
D2) Turmoil
D3) Grand Panjadrum