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Limited LP : RSD Stores Exclusive 3-Colour (Silver, Black, Black Ice) Vinyl

LP : Ghostly Vinyl

*Vinyl formats released 20/08/2021*

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New album from AFI.

"The two tracks pick up where the band left off following 2017’s self-titled release (also known as The Blood Album) and the aforementioned EP from the following year, with Davey Havok and his longtime crew fusing some experimental new steps into the tried and true AFI formula.“ - ​SPIN

“It’s no surprise given the band’s evolution from borderline hardcore punk in the ’90s all the way through the emo movement of the 2000s and now blossoming into one of the most distinct and recognizable sounds today." - ​SPIN

"'Twisted Tongues' and 'Escape From Los Angeles'... suggest that this band still has more to say. 'Twisted Tongues' is driving, melodic punk that puts a refreshing spin on the band's Sing the Sorrow-era sound, while 'Escape From Los Angeles' mixes the band's trademark punk with their love of gothy '80s synthpop." - ​BrooklynVegan


1. Twisted Tongues
2. Far Too Near
3. Dulcería
4. On Your Back
5. Escape From Los Angeles
6. Begging For Trouble
7. Back From The Flesh
8. Looking Tragic
9. Death Of The Party
10. No Eyes
11. Tied To A Tree