Wynonie Harris

Blow Your Brains Out: Greatest Jukebox Hits & Dancefloor Favourites

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Amongst the African American communities of the 1940s Wynonie Harris was a star, probably what we nowadays would like to call a superstar. Strangely as rock & roll gripped the world in the 1950s no one seemed interested in him despite his obvious stature as a founding father of the new genre. It wasn’t until the 70s rock & roll revival when bands like The Stray Cats spearheaded a jive dancing rejuvenation that he finally reached a new level of appreciation.  

Here then are 28 tracks of good rocking dancefloor favourites including - but not limited to - “Good Rockin’ Tonight”, “Bloodshot Eyes”, “Good Morning Judge” and “All She Wants To Do Is Rock”. There are many CD collections of Wynonie Harris, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one as crammed with rocking hits! Fully detailed with liner notes.


Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well / Wynonie’s Blues / Playful Baby / Good Rockin’ Tonight / Lollipop Mama / Blow Your Brains Out / Grandma Plays The Numbers / I Feel That Old Age Coming On / Drinkin’ Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee  / She Just Won’t Sell No More / All She Wants To Do Is Rock / I Want My Fanny Brown / Sittin’ On It All The Time / I Like My Baby’s Pudding / Good Morning Judge / Oh Babe! / Bloodshot Eyes / Lovin’ Machine / Keep On Churnin’ / Night Train / Adam Come And Get Your Rib