Plastic Letters

  • Released: 01/01/1900
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A true classic; Deborah Harry has never been better, sliding into "Fan Mail" like liquid mercury, she blasts out of it like a siren; breezy pop "Denis", "Love At The Pier" and "I'm On E" presages later work; PL showcases the most clever and inventive group of the last 30 years - e.g. the beguiling "Cautious Lip", downright scary "Detroit 442" and "Bermuda Triangle Blues", and best of all, Jimmy Destri's amazing, pulsing and enigmatic "Contact In Red Square". More mature than their debut, and not quite the uptempo, chrome-polished pop of "Parallel Lines", "Eat To The Beat" or "Autoamerican", PL is Blondie's best.


1 Fan Mail
2 Denis
3 Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
4 Youth Nabbed As Sniper
5 Contact In Red Square
6 (I'm Always Touched) By Your Presence, Dear
7 I'm On E
8 I Didn't Have The Nerve To Say No
9 Love At The Pier
10 No Imaginations
11 Kidnapper
12 Detroit 442
13 Cautious Lip
Bonus Tracks
14 Once I Had A Love (Aka The Disco Song) (1975 Version)
15 Scenery
16 Poets Problem
17 Detroit 442 (Live)