Block Work

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Griselda's young gun Elcamino has become known for his gritty street tales and melodious hooks. And on Block Work he's at his most grimy and at the same time his most melodic. His honesty about his activities in the streets is so unfiltered that it verges on incriminating. The only guest on Block Work is Camino's longtime associate and fellow Buffalo Kids member Billie Essco, who brings his high fashion sensibilities to the standout track "Good Ol' Days." Camino will be dropping upwards of a half dozen projects in 2021 and Block Work sets the standard for the kind of quality fans can expect going forward.


1 Avenue Thug
2 Food Stamps
3 Real Nigga Anthem
4 Skit
5 Impossible (prod. by Sean Zeon)
6 Drive-By Music
7 Good Ol’ Days (feat. Billie Essco) (prod. by Camoflauge Monk)
8 King Talk
9 Bucket Hat Freestyle (prod. by Boodeini)
10 Right