Black Medium Current

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From their infuential & successful beginnings as a raw & grim black metal outft
established during the ongoing swelling of the "second wave" in the early- mid
90's, Dødheimsgard has subsequently evolved into a truly eclectic behemoth with
each landmark release; a band now undoubtedly adorned with the mastery of
mood & texture through intricate, dark metallic wonderment & unnerving

'Black Medium Current' continues on the path set by 2015's monumental &
universally lauded 'A Umbra Omega' album; itself a deeply poignant & potent
release of vast maturity & insight. And now mastermind Yusaf 'Vicotnik' Parvez
returns with this expansive 70-minute venture through the fettered layers of the
bleak existential cosmos. The result is an absorbing exploration through the
fragility of the mind - nurtured & ultimately unmade through a process of belief &
endless turmoil & contradiction & how it sews itself into our reality.'Black Medium
Current' also represents a very personal album for Vicotnik, riding the torrents of
tribulation & loss, lusciously entwined within creation. Haunting, cathartic &
exquisite moments of refection, dissected & presented as a meticulously woven
canvas of masterful & stirring music taking in a whole host of atmospheres &
soundscapes encompassing the divine & the bizarre, from the depths of black
metal, to sombre more classically centred piano pieces.


Et Smelter ( 10:19 ) /
Tankespinnerens Smerte ( 07:42 ) /
Interstellar Nexus ( 08:01 ) /
It Does Not Follow ( 08:24 ) /
Voyager ( 01:46 ) /
Halow ( 09:37 ) /
Det Tomme Kalde Morke ( 07:35 ) /
Abyss Perihelion Transit ( 10:59 ) /
Requiem Aeternum ( 05:13 )