Lee Perry and Friends

Black Art from the Black Ark

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" .....the sound was in my head and I was going to get down what I hear in my head. And it’s like a toy, a toy affair, that’s the way music is. You see like when you buy a kid’s toy, well you bring a joy to them, so is that way I see music. I don’t see music like how other people see it, I see it just like a toy ...."
Lee Perry

1. Roots Train - Junior Murvin (previously unreleased dubplate mix)
2. Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (previously unreleased dubplate mix)
3. Set Up Yourself - The Upsetters
4. Brotherly Love - Henrick Nicholson (12” mix)
5. Let’s Fall in Love - Junior Murvin
6. Say a Little Prayer - Eric Donaldson (12” mix)
7. I Never Had It So Good - Jimmy Riley
8. Mister Craven - Junior Murvin
9. Such Is Life - Lord Creator (12” mix)
10. Such Is Life Version - The Upsetters
11. Nuh Fi Run It Down - Danny Clarke
12. Nuh Fi Run It Down Version - The Upsetters
13. What a Sin - Lee Perry (extended mix)
14. Ska Baby - Bobby Ellis
15. Ska Version - The Upsetters
16. Beard Man Shuffle - The Upsetters
17. Oh Me Oh My - Bree Daniels*
18. Oh Me Oh Dub - The Upsetters*
* CD Bonus Tracks