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Big Anonymous

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Swedish singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer El Perro Del Mar announces her first album in 8 years "Big Anonymous", out Feb 16th 2024 on City Slang. The musical path taken by this shape-shifter artist encompasses a spectrum: doo-wop redux, mystic ballads, electronic dance, ecstatic love songs, film soundtracks, dance scores, global pop, and more. With this record, she goes places where few dare to venture: dialogues with the dead, musings on her own mortality, and reflections on the inner darkness that she's inherited. It's gothic, crepuscular, moody- and magnificent. And in the end you might just find it uplifting. She does.


1 Underworld
2 Suburban Dreams
3 Cold Dark Pond
4 In Silence
5 The Truth the Dead Know
6 Between You and Me Nothing
7 Please Stay
8 One More Time
9 Wipe Me Off This Earth
10 Kiss of Death