Bert Jansch

Birthday Blues

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Birthday Blues, released in January 1969, was Bert Jansch's sixth album for Transatlantic. It's no surprise that the album sounds like a modified version of The Pentangle, as Bert was a member of the classic British folk/jazz/rock group at the time of this record's release. Additionally, Shel Talmy, who worked with the group (as well as The Who and The Kinks) produced Birthday Blues. To complete the circle, the record's rhythm section was Pentangle's: Danny Thompson on bass, and Terry Cox on drums. Jansch was the group's finest musician, and can still be a compelling writer and performer on his own.


1 Come Sing Me a Happy Song to Prove We Can All Get Along the Lumpy Bumpy Long and Dusty Road
2 The Bright New Year
3 Tree Song
4 Poison
5 Miss Heather Rosemary Sewell
6 I've Got a Woman
7 A Woman Like You
8 I Am Lonely
9 Promised Land
10 Birthday Blues
11 Wishing Well
12 Blues