Blood Money


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Official reissue of the second album by Blood Money, originally released on Ebony Records in 1987. Blood Money were the ultimate NWOBHM cult act, playing frantic thrashing heavy metal at a breakneck pace like no one else. Being active during the latter days of the NWOBHM movement, Blood Money took more influence from speed metal bands like Agent Steel and the unpolished punk metal of early Venom than the classic rock groups and Black Sabbath that influenced their earlier NWOBHM brethren. Recommended for anyone into obscure but great 80's metal in the vein of Agent Steel, Carnivore, Venom, Piledriver, Savage or Tank. An absolute masterpiece and a must have for all heavy metal fanatics!


Side A
1 Battlescarred
2 Wolfboat
3 Mutant
4 The Legend (Agharti)
5 Charnel House (House Of Death)
Side B
1 Shapeshifter
2 Caligula
3 Bird Or Beast
4 Atlantis
5 Evil Bitch