Ronny Jordan Meets DJ Krush

Bad Brothers (Black History Month)

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Debut colour pressing for this sought-after collaboration album between 90s acid jazz titan Ronny Jordan and Japanese trip-hop legend DJ Krush.

This is the first reissue on vinyl since the original mini-album release in 1994 and it offers six captivating examples of hip hop meets jazz, recalling some of the seminal acid jazz and soul/jazz/funk/trip-hop adventures of the 90s.

Good vibes abound with catchy, uplifting samples and midtempo hip hop beats that provide the base over which the cool, fluid, clean jazz guitar of Jordan runs with an easy flair.

Special guests include Guru of Jazzamatazz cool rapping on ‘Season for Change’ and Dana Bryant’s laidback spoken word on ‘Bad Brothers’. Other album highlights include opener ‘The Jackal’ which conjures a cool jazz atmosphere and ‘Shit Goes Down’ where fine solos for organ and vibes collide with Krush’s scratch trickery.


LP1 - Side A

  1. The Jackal
  2. S**t Goes Down
  3. Love I Never Had It So Good

LP1 - Side B

  1. So What!
  2. Season For Change
  3. Bad Brother