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The 4th Modern Lovers album, originally released in 1979, half of which is Jonathan playing solo, the other half he is backed by the band.

Massively endearing, charming and fun, often playful and sometimes incredibly honest and sincere, this is the final instalment of the brilliant opening quartet of classic Jonathan Richman albums.
Abdul And Cleopatra 3:18
(She's Gonna) Respect Me 2:49
Lover Please 1:58
Affection 4:06
Buzz Buzz Buzz 1:58
Back In Your Life 2:14
Party In The Woods Tonight 3:01
My Love Is A Flower (Just Beginning To Bloom) 2:20
I'm Nature's Mosquito 2:45
Emaline 2:07
Lydia 3:11
I Hear You Calling Me 2:52