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Largely dismissed by the band’s faithful, this album should be reviewed in light of the arrival of hip-hop music as an influence in the late Eighties. This was no mere attempt by JAMC to become more commercially successful across ‘the Pond’, but the integration of drum and bass as a reflection of rock and roll trends of the time. The two singles which emblazon the album certainly are not representative of any surrender of their ‘shoe-gazing’ majesty. ‘Blues From a Gun’ sounds as visceral today as it did back in ‘89, whilst ‘Head On’ is the perfect synthesis of drum machine and William Reid’s atmospheric guitar licks.


1 Here Comes Alice
2 Coast To Coast
3 Blues From A Gun
4 Between Planets
5 UV Ray
6 Her Way Of Praying
7 Head On
8 Take It
9 Halfway To Crazy
10 Gimme Hell
11 Drop
12 Sunray