Mott The Hoople

At The BBC 1970

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Eight tracks from the original line-up of Mott The Hoople, all recorded live for BBC Radio. The song selection combines their Dylaninfluenced ballads with their more Stonesy rockers. Three of the songs were never released on an original Mott LP. Good sound
quality, full recording information and extensive sleeve notes. Recorded for BBC radio John Peel Sunday Concert on October 15th and transmitted on October 25th except Side Two Tracks 3 & 4 recorded for Top Gear on February 3rd and broadcast on February 21st. Sound Quality Very Good except the Top Gear tracks which are of lesser quality but still totally listenable.

Side One:
1. Ohio
2. No Wheels To Ride
3. Rock ’n’ Roll Queen
4. The Debt

Side Two:
1. Walking With A Mountain
2. Keep A-Knockin’
3. At The Crossroads
4. Laugh At Me