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Are You Nervous?

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Limited LP : Limited indies exclusive orange vinyl

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With their self-titled debut album very much a live record that was written and recorded through jam sessions, the band re-focused on their songwriting craft for album two, bringing fully formed tracks to the studio and working intensively on arrangements. As a result, AYN? is a more concise and considered injection of SDC’s influences than ever before. Whilst retaining their core psych-sound, there’s a heaviness to SDC that seems latent within the band; gut-twisting, rolling riffs, dripping in distortion.
1. Interstellar Love Machine
2. Modern Child
3. A Date With Caligula
4. Always
5. Green
6. Space Holiday
7. Mother (Earth)
8. Slowly
9. Journey To The 13th Floor
10. Charismatic Authority
11. The Scream