Agnostic Front

Another Voice

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CD Reissue of Another Voice which was the eighth full-length studio album from New York hardcore band Agnostic Front. It was released in November 2004 on Nuclear Blast Records and followed 2002's split album with Discipline, Working Class Heroes.


Still Here 2:25
All Is Not Forgotten 1:54
Fall Of The Parasite 1:16
Pride, Faith, Respect 1:36
So Pure To Me 2:00
Dedication 2:46
Peace 2:19
Take Me Back 1:35
Hardcore! (The Definition) 2:19
Casuality Of The Times 2:05
No One Hears You 1:38
I Live It 2:11
It's For Life 1:37
Another Voice 4:32
Peace 2:18