Animal Magic

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Limited 2LP : Limited edition of 2000 copies on double yellow vinyl

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The debut album from Brighton's Simon Green AKA Bonobo.

This debut is a lovely little exercise in chill music, with Green blending breakbeats, pad sounds, jazzy live instrumentation and naked emotion to create a sound all his own. Downtempo electronic music often wanders into EZ-listening terrain, but "Animal Magic"  has enough underlying feeling and intelligent arrangements to keep any listener’s interest.

Green has a real flair for dynamics, the melodies are a blissful, magical aroma of vibrantly lit-up sounds which all seem to standout like receiving your favourite gift for Christmas. If that wasn’t enough, the drums are crisp clean and have no turn-off regarding sound quality. Those simple little drums and cymbals both function like hearing a flock of birds chirping in the morning; quiet and alluring.

Intro 0:46
Sleepy Seven 5:22
Dinosaurs 4:01
Kota 5:24
Terrapin 4:39
The Plug 5:18
Shadowtricks 4:08
Gypsy 3:38
Sugar Rhyme 4:47
Silver 6:33