Martin Bartlett

Anecdotal Electronics: Live Experiments & Other Recordings

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This LP is a sketchbook of electronic music pioneer Martin Bartlett's live electronic experiments and performances, including previously unreleased performances.

Martin's key influences were Pauline Oliveros, John Cage and David Tudor, all whom he studied under.

He died of AIDS-related causes in 1994.

Released alongside a companion CD "Ankle On".

1. Quarry (edit)

2. Muscle Music (edit)

3. Humors accompaniment 2

4. Humors accompaniment 3

5. Humors accompaniment 4

6. Time Passing X (edit)

7. More Lines from Chuang Tzu (edit)


1. Pulse Material G major

2. Three Songs featuring Dan Shiedt + Doug Collinge

3. Amsterdam Variations

4. Buchla Bartlett Duo (edit)

5. Electronic Recalcitrant

6. Marginalia (edit)

7. Humors Song

8. Humors accompaniment 5