Steve Bates

All The Things That Happen

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Steve Bates is an artist and musician known for his work with post-rock ensemble Black Seas Ensemble, duos with Timothy Herzog and Sophie Trudeau of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, amongst others, as well as a series of digital-only sonic explorations on his own label, The Dim Coast. All The Things That Happen is his first full-length album for Constellation. For this album, Bates pursued a more stripped down exploration of the noisier terrain of the cheap timbre and tonality of the much-loved Casio SK-1 keyboard sampler. These sounds were fed through a variety of electronics, effects, amps, cassettes recorders to shift into their current form heard on these tracks.


A1 Groves of…everything!
A2 These problems are multiplied by the difficulty I have in front of a tape recorder
A3 Glistening
A4 Covered in silt and weed
B1 Destroy the palace
B2 Glimpse an end
B3 Bring on black flames
B4 We do not, nor to hide
B5 September through September