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All The Peacemakers

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All the Peacemakers is the story of the making of the second Clash album Give ‘Em Enough Rope, released in 1978. This is my second book about The Clash. Previously I looked at the fifth Clash album Combat Rock, under the title of Combat Ready. If I thought it was a miracle that Combat Rock got released, the story behind Give ‘Em Enough Rope is traumatic, full of controversy, gruelling tour schedules, a studio nightmare and trouble with the law.

While all this was going on, The Clash were being filmed on and off stage as part of a “Documentary” style film eventually released as Rude Boy in 1980. Add to that the wild card that was their manager Bernie Rhodes being given the elbow just before the album release and a major UK Tour to promote it. In fact, there was so much to pack in, that this book ended up nearly twice the length of Combat Ready. So, here we are, two years on from the publication of that book, and another brace of new Clash books have been read and digested.

As well as referencing the staple Clash books, it also seemed that every book I picked up had something relevant to include or apply to the story in All The Peacemakers After the 40th Anniversary last year of Give ‘Em Enough Rope’s release, this seems like the right time and the right thing to do. 320 Pages Including a Colour Section I could have called it "Labour of Love Part II" but I think somebody else beat me to that one. Cover Graphic by the hugely talented Artist Nob Suzuki