Billie Holiday

All Or Nothing At All

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All or Nothing at All is a studio album from 1958 on Norman Granz's Verve Records label.

Featuring twelve songs taken from fve different recording sessions that took place in 1956 and 1957, a period when some thought Billie Holiday was in vocal decline, a thought not shared by Mile Davis it must be said:

"I'd rather hear [Billie Holiday] now. She's become more mature. Sometimes you can sing words every night for fve years, and all of a sudden it dawns on you what the song means.... So with Billie, you know she's not thinking now what she was in 1937, and she's probably learned more about different things. And she still has control, probably more control now than she did back then. No, I don't think she's in decline."-- MILES DAVIS, 1958.

"For these sessions, Granz assembled a wonderful group of musicians who shined as much when backing Holiday as they did on their solos. The front line was covered by Harry Edison and Ben Webster, both longtime friends of Holiday and each a specialist in accompanying vocalists. Holiday's pianist was the exceptionally sensitive Jimmy Rowles, who had rehearsed the songs with Holiday before the sessions. Barney Kessel provided both harmonic and melodic support on guitar, and the rhythm section was flled out with Red Mitchell and Joe Mondragon alternating on bass, and Al Stoller and Larry Bunker swapping duties on drums. All of these musicians were based in LA at the time and had all worked together, so the fne ensemble playing was a given, and the group easily put together all of the arrangements on the recording dates." - AllMusic: Jim Lennon May 6, 2022

  1. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
  2. Cheek To Cheek
  3. Ill Wind
  4. Speak Low
  5. I Wished On The Moon
  6. But Not For Me
  7. All Or Nothing At All
  8. We'll Be Together Again
  9. Sophisticated Lady
  10. April In Paris
  11. Say It Isn't So
  12. Love Is Here To Stay
  13. Moonlight In Vermont