Alice Cooper

From the Inside

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After releasing ‘Lace & Whisky’, Cooper had been treated for alcoholism in a sanitarium. This provided the inspiration for the thematic version of hell for this outing. Instead of characters in the netherworld, or the nightmare of an alcoholic stupor, or even the tortured souls of a film noir private detective, we have the stories of patients in an asylum. Yet, to call it a personal, introspective record would be a mistake. It remains heavy on theatrics and characters.


1 From the Inside
2 Wish I Were Born in Beverly Hills
3 The Quiet Room
4 Nurse Rozetta
5 Millie and Billie
6 Serious
7 How You Gonna See Me Now
8 For Veronica's Sake
9 Jackknife Johnny
10 Inmates (We're All Crazy)