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Formed in 1999, Infection Code, with their brutalblend of electronic noise, industrial and thrashmetal avant-gardes, are one of Italy’s forefrontextreme metal acts and they have become anintegral part of the heavy music scene.

Following the band’s last, much acclaimed record,‘In.R.I.’ (2019), the four-piece are back with theireighth studio album. Infection Code not onlypresent a new, strong line up, but also a new bandspirit and energy that is immediately evident asthey unleash a thunderous musical scenario thatpromises to be one of their most extreme andheaviest records to date.

For fans of Godflesh, Treponem Pal, Ministry,Helmet, Stabbing Westward, Prong, Pitchshifter,Fear Factory, Neurosis, Machine Head, Scorn,Nine Inch Nails, Meshuggah, Pantera, Tomahawk,Strapping Young Lad.


In Perpetual Error
Daily Slavery System
White Rooms
Red Death Masquerade
When The Angst Becomes
Deforming The Future
World Wide War
New Sick Revolution
The Great Destroyer