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Agape Agape (Love Love)

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The album “AGAPE AGAPE (LOVE LOVE)” (1983) marks an end of Popol Vuh’s classic phase that covered most of the 1970s and 1980s. During this period, Popol Vuh unfolded their musical vision in many albums that all have their specific qualities. “Agape Agape (Love Love)” features many of the different styles that Popol Vuh developed during these years and combines them in increasingly complex arrangements. Because of its variety, mastermind Florian Fricke considered this album one of his best. The album opens with “Hand in Hand”, filled with choral chanting. The pulsating guitar-driven track “They danced, they laughed, as of old” is a great drone-like raga-rock track, while the swirling song “Agape, Agape” merges an uplifting melody with trance-inducing chanting. “Life, Love, Death” is an almost ritualistic percussion-dominated piece reflecting influences of eastern music. In these times, Fricke was inspired by the work of Persian mystic and poet Rumi. “Behold the Drover Summons” and the closing track “Why Do I Sleep” reflect this inspiration. Besides Fricke on the grand piano, the album is accompanied by the layered vocal chants of Renate Knaup, and guitars and drums by Daniel Fichelscher as well as guitars by Conny Veit. Together they created something that is intense and introspective at the same time. Music for the heart. The bonus track “Circledance” complements the atmosphere of the album perfectly and is a worthwhile addition. 

  1. Hand in Hand
  2. They Danced, They Laughed, as of Old
  3. Love, Life, Death
  4. The Christ Is Near
  5. Behold, the Drover Summonds
  6. Agape Agape
  7. Why Do I Still Sleep
  8. Circledance*