Alter Bridge


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Limited 2LP : Limited edition of 3500 on gold coloured vinyl

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The 3rd Alter Bridge album, originally released in 2010.
The album is a departure from the band's first two albums, lyrically because it is a loose concept album dealing with darker lyrical themes of struggling with faith, and musically due to its more dynamic and progressive sound.
1. "Slip To The Void"
2. "Isolation"
3. "Ghost Of Days Gone By"
4. "All Hope Is Gone"
5. "Still Remains"
6. "Make It Right"
7. "Wonderful Life"
8. "I Know It Hurts"
9. "Show Me A Sign"
10. "Fallout"
11. "Breathe Again"
12. "Coeur D'Alene"
13. "Life Must Go On"
14. "Words Darker Than Their Wings"