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Gathered here are the complete commercially released singles of Art and Aaron Neville recorded between 1955 and 1962 together on one collection for the first time.

The Neville Brothers were a New Orleans and American institution and probably the most famous musical family to ever come out of the Crescent City. The collection  opens with Art Neville as the lead singer of The Hawketts with, “Mardi Gras Mambo”, a song which has become a Mardi Grass standard and is still played each year in New Orleans.

Aaron Neville’s first big hit “Over You” is here alongside such long standing favourites as, “Cha Dooky-Doo”, “That Rock & Roll Beat”, and “All These Things”. A more exciting set of classic New Orleans r&b and rock & roll would be hard to find! Includes fully detailed liner notes.

  1. Mardi Gras Mambo - The Hawketts W/Art Neville
  2. Your Time’s Up - The Hawketts W/Art Neville
  3. Oooh-Whee Baby - Art Neville
  4. The Whiffenpoof Song - Art Neville And His Band
  5. Cha Dooky-Doo - Art Neville
  6. Zing, Zing - Art Neville
  7. What’s Going On - Art Neville
  8. Arabian Love Call - Art Neville
  9. Every Day - Aaron Neville
  10. Over You - Aaron Neville
  11. Get Out Of My Life - Aaron Neville
  12. Show Me The Way - Aaron Neville
  13. Reality - Aaron Neville
  14. Don’t Cry - Aaron Neville
  15. That Rock & Roll Beat - Art Neville
  16. Too Much - Art Neville
  17. Come Back Love - Art Neville
  18. All These Things - Art Neville
  19. Let’s Live - Aaron Neville
  20. I Found Another Love - Aaron Neville
  21. Skeet Scat - Art Neville
  22. You Won’t Do Right - Art Neville
  23. I’m Waiting At The Station - Aaron Neville
  24. How Many Times - Aaron Neville
  25. Humdinger - Aaron Neville
  26. Sweet Little Mama- Aaron Neville
  27. How Could I Help But Love You - Aaron Neville
  28. Wrong Number (I’m Sorry, Goodbye) - Aaron Neville