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A Good Person – Music from the Original Motion Picture

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Zach Braff’s curated compilation soundtrack album for the upcoming drama film A Good Person. Written and directed by Braff, the film’s compilation soundtrack features a range of wistful folk-infused songs, including The Velvet Underground’s iconic 1969 song After Hours, written by Lou Reed and performed by the band’s drummer Moe Tucker, Bristol-based singer-songwriter Fenne Lilly’s 2021 track Hyopcondriac, American singer-songwriter Lizzie McAlpine’s 2020 song To The Mountains, American indie rock singer-songwriter Cary Brothers’ 2022 song Stardust, performed in the film for Allison (Florence Pugh) by Cary himself, and more (see full tracklisting below). The compilation soundtrack also features two brand new singles written and performed for the film by Florence Pugh. I Hate Myself and The Best Part.

1. “After Hours” by The Velvet Underground
2. “Time” by Angelo De Augustine
3. “Hypochondriac” by Fenne Lilly
4. “Wake Up With the Sun” by Odessa
5. “To The Mountains” by Lizzy McAlpine
6. “A Love Song Seven Ways” by Benjamin Lazar Davis
7. “Stardust” by Cary Brothers
8. “Ode to a Conversation Stuck In Your Throat” by Dell Water Gap
9. “I Hate Myself” by Florence Pugh
10. “The Best Part” by Florence Pugh
11. “Deep In Love” by Bonny Light Horseman
12. “On My Mind” by Leona Naess