Tractor / The Way We Live

A Candle For Judith (50th Anniversary Edition)

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Limited 2LP : 180g Green Vinyl

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The classic 1971 album by UK band Tractor, appearing under a different name. Originally issued on Dandelion the album is now expanded and remastered. A truly beautiful progressive/space rock album it mixes the epic quality of Led Zep with a spacey Pink Floyd feel and the mushroom weirdness of The Pink Fairies and Hawkwind. "Willow" is a masterpiece of UK underground rock and it's easy to see why John Peel signed this band way back in the early '70's. Bob Stanley of St Etienne talking about The Way We Live and other albums of this genre - “The autumnal sound of Britain at the turn of the 70s, looking out through wet window panes to a new decade with a mixture of melancholy and optimism for what might come next. With the Beatles gone and the pound sinking, a new and distinctive sound emerges, led by flutes and mellotrons.” // John Peel “Jim Milne of The Way We Live and Tractor, the man responsible for some of the most urgent, flowing and logical guitar playing I’ve ever heard” 


1 King Dick II
A2 Squares
A3 Siderial
A4 Angle
A5 Storm

B1 Willow
B2 Madrigal
B3 The Way Ahead

C1 Watching White Stars 
C2 Hollands Pie R2.