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50 Years - Don't Stop

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5LP : 5 x LP Box Set

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"50 Years – Don't Stop" is a box set by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac, released on 16 November 2018, marking 50 years since the band's formation. Unlike its spiritual predecessor, 25 Years – The Chain (1992), this album does not feature any previously unreleased material. It does, however, mark the first time certain tracks have been remastered or included in a physical format, as is the case with "Sad Angel". Other songs appear in their single edit form, like "Sands of Time" and "Heroes are Hard to Find". Up until the release of 50 Years, these mixes had been out of print for decades.
A1 Shake Your Moneymaker 2:58
A2 Black Magic Woman 2:55
A3 Need Your Love So Bad 3:57
A4 Albatross 3:14
A5 Man Of The World 2:52
B1 Oh Well - Pt I 3:32
B2 Rattlesnake Shake 3:33
B3 The Green Manalishi (With The Two Prong Crown) 4:39
B4 Tell Me All The Things You Do 4:12
B5 Station Man (Single Version) 5:11
C1 Sands Of Time (Single Version) 3:03
C2 Spare Me A Little Of Your Love 3:47
C3 Sentimental Lady (Single Version) 3:02
C4 Did You Ever Love Me 3:43
C5 Emerald Eyes 3:35
D1 Hypnotized 4:49
D2 Heroes Are Hard To Find (Single Version) 2:27
D3 Monday Morning 2:47
D4 Over My Head (Single Version) 3:09
D5 Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win) (Single Version) 3:47
E1 Say You Love Me (Single Version) 4:02
E2 Landslide 3:20
E3 Go Your Own Way 3:39
E4 Dreams 4:17
E5 Second Hand News 2:54
F1 Don't Stop 3:14
F2 The Chain 4:30
F3 You Make Loving Fun 3:37
F4 Tusk 3:39
F5 Sara (Single Version) 4:37
G1 Think About Me (Single Version) 2:44
G2 Fireflies (Single Version) 3:34
G3 Never Going Back Again (Live 1980) 4:06
G4 Hold Me 3:45
G5 Gypsy 4:24
H1 Love In Store 3:14
H2 Oh Diane 2:37
H3 Big Love 3:42
H4 Seven Wonders 3:39
H5 Little Lies 3:40
I1 Everywhere 3:43
I2 As Long As You Follow 4:20
I3 Save Me (Single Version) 4:07
I4 Love Shines 4:48
I5 Paper Doll 3:59
J1 I Do (Edit) 3:49
J2 Silver Springs (Live-Edit 1997) 4:51
J3 Peacekeeper 4:11
J4 Say You Will 3:49
J5 Sad Angel 4:04