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Limited LP : Limited edition blue vinyl with "Red Star of the Federation" hologram in deadwax 

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The 4th album from Canadian rock band Rush, originally released in 1976. The 20 minute title track takes up the entire first side of the album and caused controversy due to its similarity in plot to the Ayn Rand novel "Anthem", which caused them to be labelled as right-wing extremists. Often named as one of the greatest progressive rock albums. 


Overture 4:32
The Temples Of Syrinx 2:13
Discovery 3:30
Presentation 3:40
Oracle: The Dream 2:00
Soliloquy 2:23
Grand Finale 2:18

A Passage To Bangkok 3:30
The Twilight Zone 3:14
Lessons 3:48
Tears 3:29
Something For Nothing 3:56