The Beatles

1963: London To Manchester

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The London Palladium show on 13th October 1963 is considered to be the point when the national press decided that they were dealing with a new phenomenon, Beatlemania, and a Daily Mirror headline the following day read 'Police fought to hold back 1,000 screaming teenagers'.

Up to mid-1963, the Beatles’ live set consisted mainly of cover versions of contemporary black American pop. I Saw Her Standing There and Ask Me Why were the only two band originals played at the Star Club in December 1962, and a set list from a ten-song show in April ‘63 contained only four of their own songs. Yet by the end of the year, the Fab Four were making history with their own songs and their own unmistakable sound.

The material  on this LP comes from live performances and newsreels broadcast in late 1963. A must for Beatles devotees.


Side One:
1 She Loves You
2 Twist and Shout
3 I Saw Her Standing There
4 Long Tall Sally
5 She Loves You
6 Twist and Shout
7 Money
8 Twist And Shout
9 Newsreel (fragments)
10 Roll Over Beethoven
11 Some Other Guy

Side Two:
1 From Me To You
2 She Loves You
3 Twist And Shout
4 Newsreel (fragments)
5 From Me To You
6 All My Loving
7 She Loves You
8 From Me To You
9 She Loves You
10 Twist And Shout