The Original Soundtrack

  • Released: 09/09/1996
  • Label: Mercury
  • Genre: 

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This album reveals a group at the top of their game, confident with their material, willing to take risks and totally assured in their use of the studio as an instrument. These songs are teeming with smart ideas, intelligent arrangements, clever hooks and great playing, underscored by a wittiness and refusal to take themselves too seriously that is beguiling. As others rightly say, this is a masterpiece of progressive pop, and 10CC's greatest work. Ahead of its time, it even had McCartney in awe at its depth & inventiveness.

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1 Une Nuit A Paris
2 Part 1: One Night In Paris
3 Part 2: The Same Night In Paris
4 Part 3: Later The Same Night In Paris
5 I'm Not In Love
6 Blackmail
7 The Second Sitting For The Last Supper
8 Brand New Day
9 Flying Junk
10 Life Is A Minestrone
11 The Film Of My Love