I Hear A New World

Joe Meek & The Blue Men

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Sound wave


Otherworldly concept album from innovative producer Joe Meek, which was partially released on an EP (limited to 99 copies) in 1960 and eventually released as a whole in 1991.

Meek was fascinated by the space programme, and believed that life existed elsewhere in the solar system. This album was his attempt “to create a picture in music of what could be up there in outer space”, he explained. “At first I was going to record it with music that was completely out of this world but realized that it would have very little entertainment value so I kept the construction of the music down to earth”. He achieved this as a sound engineer by blending the Blue Men’s skiffle/rock-and-roll style with a range of sound effects created by such kitchen-sink methods as blowing bubbles in water with a straw, draining water out of a sink, shorting out an electrical circuit and banging partly filled milk bottles with spoons; however, one must listen carefully to detect these prosaic origins in the finished product. Another feature of the recordings is the early use of stereophonic sound.


A1 I Hear A New World 2:44
A2 Orbit Around The Moon 2:50
A3 Entry Of The Globbots 3:10
A4 The Bublight 2:43
A5 March Of The Dribcots 2:08
A6 Love Dance Of The Saroos 2:34
B1 Glob Waterfall 3:15
B2 Magnetic Field 3:10
B3 Valley Of The Saroos 2:51
B4 Dribcots Space Boat 2:16
B5 Disc Dance Of The Globbots 2:16
B6 Valley Of No Return 3:08

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