The Soft Pink Truth

Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?

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The Soft Pink Truth is Drew Daniel, who also forms one half of acclaimed electronic duo Matmos . Started as an outlet to explore visceral and sublime sounds that fall outside of Matmos’ purview, it draws on knowledge of rave, black metal, and crust punk obscurities to subvert and critique genre expectations. On this record Daniel takes a bold and surprising new direction, moving beyond simple plunderphonic sampling and opening up a genuine dialogue with other musicians, Daniel left room in his compositions for moments of genuine surprise, capturing the freeform, communal energy of a DJ set or live improvisation session more than a recording project. It feels ethereal but full, both ambiently hypnotic, and deliciously danceable.

"Shall We Go On Sinning..." began as an emotional response to the creeping rise of fascism around the globe. Daniel explains: “The election of Donald Trump made me feel very angry and sad, but I didn’t want to make ‘angry white guy’ music in a purely reactive mode. I felt that I needed to make music through a different process, and to a different emotional outcome, to get past a private feeling of powerlessness by making musical connections with friends and people I admire, to make something that felt socially extended and affirming.

1. Shall
2. We
3. Go
4. On
5. Sinning
6. So
7. That
8. Grace
9. May Increase