Listen Up Punk! Punk Art Poetry, Spoken Word Album (RSD 2024)

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LP+Poster - Limited to 500 Copies

This Record Store Day item will be available to purchase in store on Saturday 20th April from 8am and will be available online on Monday 22nd April from 8pm.

Strictly one per customer / no pre-orders.

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This Album is a collection of what I call Punk Art Poetry. Poetry put together like a lyric to tell a certain story or explain a thought on some punk related matter. Some of these stories did actually turn themselves into a song which I released on my Punk Art imprint. Most of these poems were influenced or inspired a piece of art I was working on. Hope you like them or can relate to these stories.

Thanks for your indulgence Peace & Punk Mal-One


Side One 1. Listen Up Punk ! (1.15) 2. 430 Kings Road (Punk meets Rock’N’Roll) (1.34) 3. Machine Bubble Disco (1.15) 4. Dangerously Close To Love (1.08) 5. Buzz-Cocks Are Coming (1.05) 6. I’m A Damned Disciple (1.07) 7. The Class Of 76 (Punk Year Zero) (1.30) 8. The Punk Rockers Gig Prayer (0.37) 9. Someone Dropped A Bomb In The UK (0.59) 10. Looking At The Decals on Steve Jones Guitar (1.39) 11. Anarchy Tour After Grundy (Punks Out On Parole) (2.47) 12. The Satellite Kid (0.59) 13. All You Need Is Punk (2.03)