LP5 (2021 Reissue)

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Autechre create a fascinating sonic world on their fifth album release, where electronic pulses and blips are used to create fantastic textural waves. Members Sean Booth and Rob Brown prove they've become masters of programming throughout, issuing a more than suitable follow-up to their critically praised 1995 release, Tri Repetae++ (1997's Chiastic Slide wasn't considered a true follow-up by the band).

Although it may be hard to take for those uninitiated into Autechre's unique style (it's hard to detect melodies initially), you'll discover something new with each repeated listen. Since all the songs are cut from the same sonic cloth, the album is best when listened to in its entirety, but the tracks "Acroyear2," "Rae," and "Fold4, Wrap5" are definite highlights. Although not for everyone, LP5 should be admired, since it's not comparable to anything past or present. Uncompromisingly cutting-edge.


1. Acroyear2
2. 777
3. Rae
4. Melve
5. Vose In
6. Fold4,Wrap5
7. Under BOAC
8. Corc
9. Caliper Remote
10. Arch Carrier
11. Drane2