Welcome To Bobby's Motel

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Limited LP: Limited edition hot-dog yellow vinyl

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The 11 songs on ‘Welcome to Bobby’s Motel’ don’t just invite you to move your body; they command you to. Fusing reckless, manic energy with painstaking precision, the record is part post-punk, part art-pop, and part dance floor acid trip, hinting at everything from Devo to Gang of Four as it boldly careens through genres and decades. The music is driven by explosive drums and off-kilter guitar riffs that drill themselves into your brain, accented with deep, funky grooves and rousing gang vocals. The production is similarly raw and wild, suggesting an air of anarchy that belies the music’s careful architecture and meticulous construction. The result is an album full of ambitious, complex performances that exude joy and mayhem in equal measure, a collection that’s alternately virtuosic, chaotic, and pure fun."


01 Welcome to Bobby's Motel
02 Hot Heater
03 Under the Wires
04 Bobby's Forecast
05 Down In The Dumps
06 Reflection
07 Texas Drums Pt I & II
08 NY Inn
09 What's In Fashion?
10 Take Your Time
11 Hot Like Jungle