Norah Jones

Pick Me Up Off The Floor

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Limited LP : Limited edition black and white vinyl SOLD OUT

LP : Black vinyl

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Norah Jones didn't mean to make another album. After she finished touring 2016's Day Breaks — her beloved return to piano-based jazz — she walked away from the well-worn album cycle grind and into an unfamiliar territory without boundaries: a series of short sessions with an ever-changing array of collaborators resulting in a diverse stream of singles (with Mavis Staples, Rodrigo Amarante, Thomas Bartlett, Tarriona Tank Ball, and more). But then an odd thing happened. Slowly but surely, the session songs Jones hadn't released congealed into that very thing she'd meant to avoid — an album, lucky for us. Because Pick Me Up Off The Floor is not some disjointed collage. It holds together beautifully, connected by the sly groove of her piano trios, lyrics that confront loss and portend hope, and a heavy mood that leans into darkness before ultimately finding the light.


‘How I Weep
‘Flame Twin’
‘Hurts To Be Alone’
‘Heartbroken, Day After’
‘Say No More’
‘This Life’
‘To Live’
‘I’m Alive’
‘Were You Watching?’
‘Stumble On My Way’
‘Heaven Above’