Jack Garratt

Love, Death & Dancing

  • Released: 12/06/2020
  • Label: Island
  • Genre: Pop

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Limited 2LP : Limited edition double coloured vinyl

2LP : Double black vinyl

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Jack Garratt's 2nd album "Love, Death & Dancing" with music performed solely by Jack, and produced alongside Jacknife Lee and James Flannigan.

“The album was written from the point of view of someone who has a functioning sadness,” Jack says, “who has had his day-to-day depressions and anxieties that have influenced the decisions he’s made. The album is about that functionality, that day-to-day battle, conversation, tug of war. We’re making a film at the moment, to go with the whole album. The premise of it is that it’s me in the back rooms of my mental health, on my own, interpreting the album. The one thing it needs to do is for the very last shot to be exactly the same as the opening shot. Because this battle in my head is cyclical, infinite; it’s a line of consistency, a time loop that’s just going round and round and round.

“I think this is the first time I’ve felt proud of the songs I’ve made. I wrote this album as someone - and for anyone - who likes dancing but doesn’t necessarily want to go out on a Saturday. It’s dance music for people who don’t want to go out! And that’s the music that I love: music that doesn’t care if you’re standing up or sitting down. It’s going to give it to you either way.”


1. Time
2. Mara
3. Return Them To The One
4. Better
5. Get In My Way
6. Mend A Heart
7. Anyone
8. Circles
9. Doctor Please
10. She Will Lay My Body On The Stone
11. Old Enough
12. Only The Bravest