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Horns Man Dub

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A selection of fantastic dub cuts from the prodigiously talented saxophonist and arranger, best known for incorporating jazzy twists into the reggae and ska tunes he was brought onto.

Tommy McCook was not only a founding member of the legendary Jamaican Ska group The Skatalites, but also a brilliant musical arranger. His informed understanding of Jazz, R&B and in fact most music styles would always add another layer to any song put his way. This made him the go to guy for most of the Jamaican producers, who would use his arrangement skills to pepper up their latest tunes.

  1. Murderous Horn Dub
  2. Wreaking Horns Dub
  3. Natty Congo Dub
  4. Tribulation Horn Dub
  5. Everybody Needs Dub
  6. Ambitious Dub
  7. Finding Dub
  8. Catching Horns Dub
  9. Springtime In Dub
  10. Sacrificial Dub
  11. Wicked Flute Dub
  12. A Smiling Dub
  13. Falling For Dub (CD only)
  14. Troublesome Dub (CD only)
  15. Riding Horns Dub (CD only)