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Having come back with "Vitriola" in 2017, indie veterans Cursive are back with a new album. Against the background of our ever changing and frustrating times , the new record comes off the back of the "Vitriola" sessions; a result of the band’s relentless song writing capabilities and their disillusionment with the world. Featuring 11 tracks of righteous fury, anger and helplessness, it sees the band carry on their fine form from the previous record and create a collection of incredible songs that give the new album an identity all of it’s own.

1. Vultures
2. Black Hole Town
3. Look What’s Become of Us
4. Barricades
5. I Am, Goddamn
6. Get Fixed
7. Stranded Satellite
8. Content Conman
9. What’s Gotten Into You?
10. Marigolds
11. Horror Is A Human Being