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Limited LP : Marble Smoke Vinyl + a signed print for pre orders!

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Sharon Van Etten has always been the kind of artist who helps people make sense of the world around them, and her sixth album, We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong, concerns itself with how we feel, mourn, and reclaim our agency when we think the world - or at least, our world - might be falling apart. Van Etten creates a stunning meditation on how life’s changes can be both terrifying and transformative. We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong articulates the beauty and power that can be rescued from our wreckages. We’ve Been Going About This All Wrong is intensely personal, exploring themes like motherhood, love, fear, what we can and can’t control, and what it means to be human in a world that is wracked by so much trauma.


Side A:
1. Darkness Fades
2. Home to Me

3. I’ll Try

4. Anything

5. Born

Side B: 
6. Headspace
7. Come Back

8. Darkish

9. Mistakes

10. Far Away