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Yesun is Havana born Fonseca's ninth solo album. Fonseca has been at the forefront of the renaissance in Cuban music for nearly three decades, releasing a catalogue of acclaimed solo albums between joining the legendary Buena Vista Social Club, touring with crooner Ibrahim Ferrer (1927 – 2005) then with singer Omara Portuondo. His 2007 album Zamazu proved him a performer/composer in his own right. 2012’s Grammy-nominated Yo featured guests including Fatoumata Diawara, the Malian singing star with whom Fonseca subsequently embarked on an acclaimed live collaboration. Yesun delves even deeper into the music of Fonseca’s homeland, weaving in beats, spoken word, analogue keyboards, Fonseca’s sonorous vocals and more. “I am presenting a Cuba without borders,” says Fonseca. “I’m
building bridges between my AfroCuban roots and other styles of music and doing some of the crazy things I love doing live.”
1. La llamada
2. Kachucha (feat. Ibrahim Maalouf)
3. Cadenas (feat. Danay Suarez)
4. Por ti
5. Aggua
6. Motown
7. Stone of hope
8. Vivo (feat. Joe Lovano)
9. OO
10. Mambo pa la niña
11. Ocha
12. No soy de esos
13. Clave