Dana Gavanski

Yesterday Is Gone

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Limited LP: Indies only orange vinyl

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To wrap her feelings in a song: this is the task Dana has dedicated herself to with this record. It’s a goal common to many songwriters, but few approach it with such aplomb. By turns break-up album, project of curiosity, and, as Dana puts it, ‘a reckoning with myself’, Yesterday Is Gone is her attempt to ‘learn to say what I feel and feel what I say’: an album of longing and devotion to longing, and of the uncertainty that arises from learning about oneself, of pushing boundaries, falling hard, and getting back up.


1. One By One

2. Catch

3. What We Had

4. Good Instead of Bad

5. Trouble

6. Yesterday Is Gone

7. Small Favours

8. Everything That Bleeds

9. Other Than

10. Memories of Winter