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After Yechelal (''It's Possible''), Awo (''Yes!''), here's Yeketelale (''It Continues''), the third album from Ukandanz.

The adventure that links Damien Cluzel (guitars) and Lionel Martin (tenor sax), the two founders of the group, with
the Ethiopian singer Asnake Guebreyes continues, keeping the rock energy of their earlier recordings but with more space for the vocals and the groove.

1. Gesse
2. Gedawo
3. Enken Yelelebesh
4. Ere Gedamu
5. Weyene Ajire
6. Yene Hassab
7. Fetsum Deng Ledj Nesh / Asnake’s Bet
8. Beyet New Mengedu
9. Ashkaru
A1. Gesse
A2. Gedawo
A3. Enken Yelelebesh
A4. Ere Gedamu
B1. Weyene Ajire
B2. Yene Hassab
B3. Fetsum Deng Ledj Nesh / Asnake’s Bet