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World Of Ecstasy

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Superb slice of super-rare electro funk grooviness originally released as a one-off small-run private press 12” single out of Ohio, USA in 1985.

Complete with vocoders, slap bass, drummachine, hand claps and space vocals, this electroboogie funk rarity is the jam.

This is a one-off pressing, exact reproduction single, remastered and restored by Soul Jazz Records, and is taken from Soul Jazz Records’ recent ‘Space Funk 2 - Afro-Futurist Electro FunkIn Space 1976-84’ compilation.

This 12” comes in four-colour black and white original sleeve design and features both an extended and short version of ‘Music-A-Lizer’ plustwo extra tracks, ‘World Of Ecstasy’ and‘ Computer’.


Music-A-Lizer (Short
World Of Ecstasy
Music-A-Lizer (Long