My Life Story

World Citizen

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Limited LP : Limited edition indies-only white vinyl

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Jake Shillingford returns with a new rockier sound for the 4th My Life Story album, their first for 19 (!) years.

Recording the new album was an exciting and creative period, not least because the tools of creativity have moved on a bit since the 90’s. As Jake says: “It was fantastic to be back in the studio with Nick, but working away from film and TV scores and onto something more personal and visceral. Having a live orchestra on the album was very important to us but this time we recorded the strings in Budapest via Skype, which was something I’d never have imagined back in the 90s.”

“’World Citizen’ was composed during the recent chaotic global news landscape where reality as we thought we knew
it is constantly being reinvented... In dark times we find safety in what we know and understand. It’s about returning
to the sense of the self, the freedom and simplicity of nature and the clarity and honesty of love and union.
Ultimately, I’d say the theme of the album is searching for truth in a world full of lies. Even if that’s a personal truth.”

1. #NoFilter
2. Taking On The World
3. Broken
4. Sent From Heaven
5. The Rose The Sun
6. The One
7. Telescope Moonlight Boy
8. World Citizen
9. A Country With No Coastline
10. Overwinter