Words And Endings

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Danish producer Uffe presents his innovative third LP Words and Endings, which further explores the boundaries between post-punk, dub, UK bass hybrids, and spiritual and free jazz. His first full-length outing on genre-breaking London imprint On the Corner, Uffe utilises the techniques that have long fueled his reputation as a purveyor of offbeat sonic fusions and delivers a diverse trip that leans into unusual territory with thrilling and unpredictable results.

Words and Endings is his most conceptually complete album yet. It comes off of what he describes as “a rollercoaster ride”, an emotionally charged two-year period that in his words was “hectic, fantastic, destructive and wonderful.” Due to his bipolar disorder, he holds himself to hitting a high level of productivity in order to avoid self-medicating and destructive behaviours. The LP’s roots can be traced to one such prolific cycle that was marked by frustration with the creative process and his artistic direction, with the result being a self-released LP which was intended to signal the end of the Uffe project. The LP caught the attention of label boss Pete On the Corner, who convinced Uffe to re-approach the works whilst exploring other experiments and unfinished material from the project. The attention towards the edges refocused the producer and the label-to-artist relationship gave him the most creative freedom he’s had to date. This spurred Uffe’s step into a new phase and the creation of Words and Endings.


A1 Forfra

A2 Kill A Sound

A3 Immortal

A4 The Moon

A5 Krasnik Interlude

A6 Handgrenade

B1 Moenten

B2 Old Balance

B3 Krasnik Boogie

B4 Limo

B5 The Ender