Lightning Bolt

Wonderful Rainbow

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Limited LP : Limited edition rainbow coloured vinyl

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Re-issue of the 3rd album from Rhode Island noise rock band Lightning Bolt, originally released in 2003.

Included in lists like Pitchfork’s “200 top albums of the 2000s” and the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die, Lightning Bolt’s seminal record solidified their place as pillars of the underground rock scene. "Wonderful Rainbow" saw the duo of Brian Chippendale (drums/vocals) and Brian Gibson (bass) being compared to the likes of Slayer, Ornette Coleman, and early Boredoms, and captured the bristling, immeasurable energy of their mythical live shows.
1. Hello Morning
2. Assassins
3. Dracula Mountain
4. 2 Towers
5. On Fire
6. Crown of Storms
7. Longstockings
8. Wonderful Rainbow
9. 30,000 Monkies
10. Duel in the Deep