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Very Limited 7" single

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Raised on a diet of Throbbing Gristle, Depeche Mode, New Order, Fad Gadget and

A Certain Ratio, Gemma Cullingford's own trajectory has been equally impressive –

from playing bass with Blast First/Mute signings Kaito, and more recently as one

half of post-punk electronic dance duo Sink Ya Teeth. This solo offering further adds

to her fine body of work.

2020 saw Sink Ya Teeth having to abandon many live gigs and promotion for their

second album, so during the band's downtime Gemma worked purposefully in her

home studio on solo works of a more personal nature, the first fruits being this

double A sided single. An album entitled "Let Me Speak" will follow in the summer

of 2021.

"Wide Boys" is a menacing disco call to action; "It's a message to the average man

and woman on the street, many of whom seems to have been brainwashed by both

those in power and by the far right. It's saying that every single one of us are being

controlled as part of a big, sinister game. This is a response to my own awakening

to that" she explains.

"104" is an instrumental electronic jam for feet, limbs and loose minds. "The idea

behind 104 came from wanting to start off with real sounding drums that subtly

evolve into pure electro over 3 or 4 minutes".


A: Wide Boys

B: 104